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14 Nov 2014

The bear and the cub

It's that time of year again, Children In Need. As you can see the campaign's mascot, Pudsey Bear, got to meet somebody special today^!

You may wish to donate to Children In Need, in the following ways

31 Oct 2014


The Schaf is now on Vine. Not Jeremy or Tim, for they are not transport; but the site where you can share short videos, and such like.

17 Sep 2014

Tossing the caber

The Schaf adorably suffers the sort of mental block we all get occasionally: I suppose the saturation on the news coverage about the Indyref is enough to addle even the finest of minds...

I blame Ken Bruce personally.

7 Jul 2014

A taste of Tomasz

As regular readers on this blog, wherever they may lurk, will know that Tomasz recently did a series about Polish cuisine. I'm happy to announce that the full series is available, as a playlist on Youtube. An even tastier treat than perogi:

Choking hell

If forecasting thunderstorms for the groovy guys and gals of Glastonbury wasn't enough, Tomasz had a choking fit to contend with. Fortunately he dealt with it, in his own adorable way:

28 Jan 2014

Village green preservation society

The Schaf was on Janice Long in the early hours of this morning. On her Radio 2 show that is-- she's not transport.

01:14:53 in-- enjoy

PS: It appears he was on the night before too:


3 Jan 2014


There have been three buzzwords this year {i}: "Twerk", "selfie" and "photobomb".

Twitter users will know that Tomasz is fond of the occasional selfie-- many of us are fond of his selfies too. I suspect Tomasz likes to twerk as well; I'm sure in moments of fevered imagination, we can envisage his doing so (or if you're from Yorkshire, it's what Tomasz goes to the BBC for)

It appears that today Tomasz photobombed the news studio. For the unintiated, it's when somebody is capturing a photo or film, and something or somebody unwittingly looms large in the background. No prizes for guessing who one of the newscasters is, in this shot...

Squint carefully, and one can see The Schaf is sprinting down an aisle in the background. Simon McCoy of course is the newscaster on the right.

{i} Possbily four: Has "hub" become the new "sustainable", in Whitehall waffle? Answers on a postcard.