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4 May 2017

Radio Times poll

Calling all Schaf-fans! The Radio Times has a poll to determine the best weather presenter of all time:

You know what to do... as good as those other weather(wo)men are, Tomasz surely commands your vote.

13 Apr 2017

Christmas comes but twice a year

The Schaf could be forgiven for thinking Christmas is on the way. After all, it's only a few weeks until the shops start advertising for it...

12 Mar 2016

Taking the mike

An absent microphone causing problems for our Tomasz, leading to a Bradley Walsh-esque caper on BBC Breakfast.

7 Nov 2015

Weather watchers

I'm sure all fans of The Schaf are avid weather-watchers-- however you can now officially become one.

I'll let the good man himself explain...

5 Sep 2015

Spectating the Spectator

In the week's Spectator magazine (dated 5 Sep 2015), The Schaf gets a worthy name-check.

On Page 11,  Tristam Hunt MP {i} is writing for this edition's Diary section. He comments on the summer's weather:

"Our companion is all this has been the Met Office, whose forecasts are dashingly presented by the hunky Tomasz Schafernaker".

Nice to know our Tomasz has fans in corridors of power. I can now just imagine his name coming up in PMQ, should the provision of the BBCs weather forecasting be discussed. What would Andrew Neil make of that, one wonders.

Though of course Tomasz is assisted by one or two other people in the BBC forecasting stakes: Speaking of which-- best of luck to Carol Kirkwood (should that "Shmirkwood"?) in Strictly Come Dancing {ii}. For she is one this year's constestants; as you've probably heard, unless you've been stuck down a Chilean mine-shaft for the past month.

{i} Honourable member for Stoke-on-Trent Central, in case you were wondering.
{ii} Or if you're Tess Daly-- "Strikleh".

22 Jun 2015

Greetings anew

Apologies for not posting for a while. To (mis?)quote Groucho Marx, time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.

Anyway, our Tomasz was on Countryfile Sunday just gone. View now, while stocks last.

Fast-forward to 50:36