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15 Sep 2009

Greetings all fans of The Schaf

Welcome to this blog dedicated to the BBC's finest and most charismatic weather presenter, Tomasz Schafernaker.

After seeing that Dan Corbett and Matt Taylor have their own fan blogs, I thought it was about time "The Schaf" got his own blog, given his rightly deserved cult following!

I shall be writing about his frequent television and radio appearances, should they merit a special mention- which they frequently do! Who could forget the Frozen Ball incident?

Or indeed his "muddy shite"...

So please feel free to share your thoughts on Tomasz: I'll be sure to post any amusing clips, when they become available (some kind Youtubers frequently upload clips of him!)-- or his stunning Country Tracks forecasts!

So watch this space...


  1. Waheyyyy. I for one will be "watching this space". ;)

  2. Thanks Hannah. I set up this page in his honour, and he's disappeared for the week-- he's probably in sunny Gdansk or something!

    Maybe he'll be back for Country Tracks this Sunday. [Thumbs up]