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29 Sep 2009

The Schaf is back!

Felicities! The weather god has returned-- let us rejoice!

He's looking even browner than he was in August; radiant with his pink tie and ebullient manner...

On News At One, Sophie Raworth promised us "one of Tomasz's long-range numbers"; I've think we've seen it, when he wears his jeans. As it happens it was a reference to a prediction for the forthcoming winter!

Tomasz was in a wonderfully didactic mode, using a deft analogy to fluctuating currencies. He was very keen to stress he wasn't going to promise anything, and emphasised it was the Met Office's prediction-- not his! Wise bit of buck-passing there. A slightly milder than usual winter is on the cards apparently... so thick coats and snow-shovels at the ready then [wink]

Videos courtesy of Terratec365

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