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8 Nov 2009

Tomasz or Indiana Jones

Yes forget Harrison Ford folks, Tomasz makes a far better Indiana Jones. Thanks to a 'provocative' remark by Maxine "Maaxane" Mawhinney yesterday, we got to see how Tomasz would handle a lasso (or perhaps a whip). Just pause for a while, to contemplate the implications of that. Yes.

I hope he doesn't get into trouble for abusing his clicker {i} in such a way, I thought it was most entertaining; it brought a smile to my face, but then again I'm easily pleased. But as Tomasz pointed out he is a "serious weather forecaster" {ii}, and it's the weekend... perhaps explains the glossy grey tie.

There is a five-day weather forecast around lunchtime, around 12:05-12:10 according to my telly guide-- end of the Remembrance Sunday programme-- so I doubt Tomasz will be in his casuals.

{i} ["Michael Winner" voice]: Calm down dears, it's only the remote control to change his weather chart
{ii} Daaarling. But only at the weekends.


  1. I do appreciate that you find and offer us these little gems of Tomasz - the news and the video clips. Thank you.

  2. Ah thank you, that's very kind of you: I'm glad it's appreciated by someone! A big thumbs up must go to Terratec365 for taking the time to uploading the clips, he's a star.

    I just merely do the copywriting, and (lamely) attempt to be amusing!

  3. you are very amusing Roger!

    Maxine , who i think is gorgeous by the way was very naughty with her comment !

  4. Why thank you, you're too kind [blushes]. Droll is my middle name... well actually it's Farquharson {i}

    Maaaaxane making remarks like that about our Tomasz-- perhaps she should be whipped with his remote-control gubbins (technically know as a "clicker") like Indiana Jones did {ii}

    Hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

    {i} Or Neville, depending whom you ask
    {ii} "I'm like a bad penny-- I always turn up"