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24 Dec 2009

Taking it steady with Tomasz

Tomasz once again issued some sagacious advice today on telly: "Take it steady on the pavements". Oof, he's not kidding... I was walking down a pavement in West Bridgford the other day, and I did the splits-- my lunch nearly fell out!

He commented that the weather was "delightful and frightful", just like Tomasz-- the former part of obviously! Here's a triple bill of The Schaf with his radiating blue and colllllllllld weather

Don't forget the Weather Show on BBC News Channel, this Friday (repeated Saturday). If miss Tomasz, you'll miss out... on some lovely close-ups no doubt!

I don't think Santa should be out in this weather, dangerous for him--
elf and safety! I'm sure Santa will reward Tomasz generously for being a good boy.

Thanks to Terratec365 for the videos

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