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30 Jan 2010

Bits and bobs

Cześć and greetings! All quiet on the Tomasz front today, so a few bits and bobs of minor interest.

Firstly we may see some more photos of Tomasz in next month's Attitude, albeit fully clothed. Tomasz attended Attitude's party for Gareth Thomas, at the Movida club in London. Although I don't normally indulge in Attitude (this month obviously an exception!), it may be worth buying March's edition, to see how well received Tomasz's feature was.

Secondly the skillful Terratec365 has done a fun montage of all the BBC Weather presenters-- he's saved the best until last!

I dla mojej Polskiej publiczności:

{i}Probably the puzzling, but now clichéd, cries of "I didn't realise how hot he was". To which I normally reply: "What planet have you been" or "there's a lot more to his attractiveness than just his physique!". Some people are płytki [chuckle]: Of course we are true Schaffanatics here, we adore him not just for getting his clothes off-- his buff physique is merely the icing on the cake!


  1. It's possible he might have been at a rugby match today, following the party for Gareth Thomas - I happen to be a supporting member of the (gay) rugby club involved.

  2. I'm thinking of updating that forecaster montage shortly (just a simple case of dropping them into the ol' saved project at the relevent alphabetical place on the video timeline) as since it was done, Helen Willetts, Carol Kirkwood and Nina Ridge have all done studio forecasts. The only missing forecaster now from the current line up is Tori Lacey, but I believe she only does Radio 5 Live - best place for her if you ask me hee-hee.

  3. @Terratec
    Do you know, I hadn't realised Carol wasn't on that montage-- although she normally crops up at breakfast? Or on the Waaaaan Show.

    I think Helen Willetts and Nina Ridge are relatively new. Is Tori Lacey a 'face for radio' per chance? [Puts claws away]

    Did you happen to see a glimpse of the lovely Tomasz-- I'd like a try with him! Imagine getting in a scrum with him, having a bit of rough around the touchline then experiencing his tackle and scoring. I'd probably convert him though [haha]

  4. Helen Willetts has been around for quite a few years - a bit like a bad smell lol. But she only recently returned late last year after having a year off for cos she was 'up the duff'. Enough of this women talk.

  5. I wasn't at the 'do' with Gareth Thomas, sadly (I don't live in London), but it was 'tweeted' by another club member as the club was present there in strength and Tomasz had apparently said he might be at the two games being played last Saturday (1st and 2nd teams, both home games against respective opponents) - it seems mobile 'phone numbers were exchanged; maybe he's even thinking of joining up as a player ;)

  6. @Bill
    Thanks for the insight. He went to a hay clarse private school, so I bet played ruggers-- he's got the build for it.

    Hmm... Tomasz and Jonny Wilkinson rolling around in the mud. Although I believe Wilko is 'one of them' Did he exchange numbers with Gareth though [wink]


    I see said the blind man to his deaf dog. "Women talk"... reminds me of this...