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3 Dec 2010

An icicle made for two

Tomasz did us proud on BBC Breakfast and the News Channel this morning, proving why he got that TRIC award.

He was indeed on location in Braemar, commenting that "Mother Nature is an artist" when it comes to this wintery weather. She certainly did a good job with Tomasz; he looked a treat with his stubble, his furry hood, brown leather jacket and denims.

At 07:40 Tomasz was concerned, because "some of his equipment is to starting to freeze over". Judging by those jeans, I don't think that was problem-- any volunteers to warm it up? Hang on... what's that Skippy... ah Tomasz meant his technical equipment. Silly me.

However it wasn't weather for kangaroos: Tomasz duly showed his I-pad, which displayed a temperature of -17C at the time of broadcast. Tomasz didn't have a record to celebrate, the lowest it got was -20C; but he's never seen snow like it in his life! Coming from a Pole, that's quite a statement! The 5ft 8in Schaf {i} struggled to tackle some of the drifts, poor soul.

Then on News At One he got it out-- a huge and impressive specimen-- wide as his leg. Yes he produced a javelin-like icicle, typical of those found hanging from homes in Braemar.

More of said ice-features, in pictorial form courtesy of His Loveliness:

Tomasz did acknowledge such weather conditions were common in those parts; however he had spoken to the locals, and they can't remember anything like this in late autumn. I can just see Tomasz wandering around, charming the locals. Why can't a 'freak' weather condition happen in my village, so Tomasz can come round and charm me? A 'mere' -7C round my way, and no only a inch of snow on the ground at most.

As if being on the News Channel all morning and being the star-turn of BBC Breakfast weren't good enough, we even have an online report from His Loveliness.

Overall superb missives from Tomasz. Engaging, phlegmatic, enthusiastic, informative and even poetic at times. It would be great if they could send him out on location more, hopefully in kinder weather (perhaps a beach location [haha]). Of course he didn't have to go up there, good of him to 'suffer' for his profession. Wasza praca jest bardzo dobra, Tomasz!

PS update. Let's hope Tomasz has a safe journey home:
After last nights crazy temperatures, Scottish transport has been badly affected. My flight to a "balmy"(ish) London was cancelled. Hoping to return in the morning. Another pretty cold night in the glens...The 4x4 was showing -6C to -9C at 4:30pm in tiny villages en route to Aberdeen.

Let's hope he doesn't suffer from a frozen ball.

A big thank you to Terratec and Dom for their excellent work.


  1. I *knew* you'd have something to say about the icicle-holding clip ;-)

    I thought he did very well and it was a nice change from just sending a reporter.

    Surprised to see he doesn't have a pair of conductive gloves so he can use his iPad without getting cold hands.

  2. [Haha] I'm nothing, if not predictable!

    Said clip seems to have captured a lot people's imaginations. Well he did say it was as wide as his leg and asked us to imagine it "coming down at us", or perhaps it was the way he brandished it.

    I thought it was an inspired idea to send him up there, instead of a reporter. Makes a change from the Blue Peter garden I suppose.

    You're an education Kirsty: I never knew such conductive gloves existed! What will they think of next eh...
    ["Man scratching head at cave painting" emoticon]

  3. Tomasz was great on Breakfast and News at 1. Do you know the name of the female presenter on the sofa? It's the comeback of the trapper hat! Wonder who the lucky 'locals' and GP were?

  4. @ Matt Smith - it's Susanna Reid.
    @ Mr Mellie - check out Tomasz's 23:56 forecast I put on YouTube.

  5. Thanks Mike. We've already had one dig at Tomasz in the papers today, no doubt the DM will get het up with this one!

  6. Thank you Mike!