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4 Feb 2012


Salutations all!

It certainly has been a long time since my last communique, all has been quiet on The Schaf front of late. It now appears I have become a meta-blog-- although I am more than happy to cede to His Loveliness!

Tomasz has started posting his own blog on Facebook. For those who are not on said site, here's his first blog-post.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that...

...about once a week I'll be updating you with a short blog so you know what I'm up to. I’ve been asked a number of times for various updates so I think the quick blog approach should suffice!

Anyway, before I go any further, I also wanted to say that I'm absolutely delighted that I still have so many followers despite the fact that it has been nearly a year since I left the Met Office and the BBC Weather Centre.

The past year has been fairly busy for me despite the fact that you haven't seen me popping-up on the News Channel or at lunchtime.

I've been involved with a fair bit of prep work for new projects which will hopefully come to fruition soon... not allowed to say any more right just takes aaabsolutely aaaages in the 'world of media' (yawn) and time flies like a kite on a jet-stream!

Last summer, I was pleased to be involved with the BBC's Great British Weather show, this year far more exciting things are on the way, I'll keep you posted.

Apart from that, I'm doing well and was enjoying the 'very mild' winter...

The tropical plants and trees in the garden were doing well too....until now!

Of course, now it’s a deep freeze in Europe and some of us are wondering if it’s going to snow in UK this weekend. I think it just might!

On another note, I happily turned 33 not long ago...the waist is still a 30 last time I checked so no complaints there! The fitness regime is very much a daily routine and I'm following the fantastic folks from team "Cycle Africa" - here is the link .

They set off from London last summer and are cycling all the way to Cape Town for's taking them a year! Amazing! They are currently making their way through Ethiopia and hope to reach South Africa come (our) Summer.

That's all from me for now, somewhere still out there...

( Next blog should be a little more concise...this is just the first one! )

Ps: I'm currently providing a little daily weather service for Monocle magazine. They recently launched a 24-hour online radio service and I've been providing their forecasts since October. The forecasts are uuuusually up-to-date on their media player ;-)

I shall endeavour to keep up-to-date with his new blog posts. In the meantime, a picture of Tomasz in the Polish snow last year. That's a good eight inches I'd say {i}

For all those in Great Britain, take care in the white stuff that is falling as I type! Although we're lucky in that we have the sea to keep us relatively mild-- I understand the landlocked Czech Republic has got down to the giddy depths of -30C! Over in Moscow, -20C this afternoon. Brass monkeys indeed.

Finally congratulations on Tomasz's 30-inch waist too. I'm a pitiful 32-inch waist, even though I'm built like chewed string. I can only imagine Tomasz wears a corset [chuckle]

{i} And the snow drift as well-- fnar-fnar.

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