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30 May 2013

Dress-down Sunday

I was watching Countryfile on Sunday with Matt 'Bairka' Baker, when our Tomasz popped up for the five-day forecast. To avoid upsetting sensiblities of Daily Mail and Guardian readers, the camera stayed above the belt.  No fevered brows being mopped then.

Eyeballs at the ready...

In other news, Tomasz was Radio 2 with Patrick Kielty to discuss May's rainfall.

Fast-foward to 18:37 in the next few days, to discover more.


  1. If Tomasz does have to wear a shirt, he could at least wear one that was a bit tighter. And he also needs to turn towards the map more: so we can get a better view of his rump (when the camera is low enough).


    1. Quite.

      Anyone would think he's there just to do the weather forecast, or something! ;-)