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19 Oct 2009

Impressive Pole

I know I ought to be refined, and discuss the finer points of Tomasz's bewitching presentation style, weather forecasting and jolly phraseology. However yesterday was a Country Tracks performance, and Tomasz was wearing his casuals; as ever, he did not disappoint.

I suspect that Tomasz must lie in the bath wearing his jeans, to get them to be so co-operatively taut. So nicely taught in fact, I'm sure we could see his other 'nether garments' at a couple of points (not talking socks or shoes either). He is certainly blessed with the physique to wear jeans in such a way.

Interesting white woolly pullover too, although that is not even quite enough to contain his rippling physique. Not that I'm complaining, keeps perve... err.. discerning viewers such as me, happy.

Thanks to Terratec365 for the vid

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