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17 Oct 2009

Slippery mike

An amusing forecast by Tomasz today, just before 2pm. First he let out an adorable laugh, after Maxine Mawhinney threw him a curved ball about water (as one does). Then his mike slipped; but Tomasz handled it like a pro, with thumb aloft.

I like his hair-cut too, I have an overwhelming urge to ruffle it:

Can't wait for tomorrow's Country Tracks!

Thanks, as ever, to Terratec 365 for his Youtubery


  1. i'n not sure he'd want his hair messing men dont like having the hair messed with hee-hee

  2. [Chortle] I wouldn't know, I haven't much left (#3 short back/sides plus an optimist side parting, since you ask)

    But would you be able to resist the temptation with Tomasz, with his tasty shade of dark blond and neatly cropped hair... it doesn't looked gelled, so may get away with it [wink]

    As they say: Wisdom is the comb life gives you, when you've lost your hair [wistful LOL]

    Many thanks for coming onboard, as the rear-admiral would say. You do sterling work with the U-bend videos, much appreciated by me and others.

  3. its gelled definitely!

  4. Okey doke, I'll take your word for it (about his hair): I clearly should have gone to Specsavers¬.... actually I do, which is why I can't see properly (joke, libel lawyers).

    Sadly I've never been up close and personal to see his hair 'for real'. Hohum [chuckle]

    ¬ Other optician chains are available

  5. if tomasz popped round unexpectedly for a cup of tea,what would you do? hee-hee

  6. If I were to meet Tomasz in real life, I'd turn into a jibbering and drooling idiot... yes, more so than normal.

    To quote Alison Moyet, I'd go "weak in the presence of beauty".

    I suspect I wouldn't be his cup of tea [boom-boom], waaaaay out my league for a swampdonkey like me.

  7. write to him know you want to...
    make a real scoop for the blog

  8. I have written to Tomasz, a few months ago-- a suitably laudatory letter.

    I asked for a signed photograph and even enclosed SAE, but alas I've had no response from him. He probably used the letter as a coffee mat or something [ha]