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10 Oct 2009

Tie in

Tomasz was back on today, covering the lunchtime period in his usual cheery manner: He was wearing a pretty tie-- I'm sure it was a new one? He was once again sporting a bit of stubble; perhaps since he hit 30 in January, he's ditched the youthful flaxen-blond highlights for a more 'mature'/distinguished/rugged look with the designer stubble? He looks lovely all the same...

So odds on for a Country Tracks appearance tomorrow. Sadly too cool for the short-sleeves, hopefully he will compensate with his jeans...

With thanks to Terratec365


  1. Tomasz was actually 30 back in 2008!

  2. Aaah right... I thought his 30th birthday was birthday was January this year: I noted on his Facebook at the time, his profile picture showed a 30mph since for a couple of days during that month...

    Plus Wikipedia claims his year of birth is 1979? Curiouser and curiouser, as Taggart used to say.

  3. ah wikipedia gets it wrong sometimes. Our Tomasz was born in August 1978 if i'm not wrong!

  4. You speak in sooth about Wikipedia... I think Michael Winner has died about four times on that site!

    Thanks for the info on Tomasz: I've been erroneously led to believe it was January 1979... January this year one his Fbk faithful proudly announced he had turned 30 (around the middle of that month), perhaps Tomasz's 30mph sign thereon was done on a whim then.

    Whatever his age, he doesn't look it-- sickenly cute in fact [admiring sigh]

  5. Good to see you have launched a blog on our Tomasz. There's a lot of information about him out there if you know where to look that is...
    Just a thought note how many times he uses the term 'that is' at the end of a ideal game for wet afternoons : points win prizes,,
    Not so sure i agree with the cute tag...
    He does have a great sense of humour though Roger!

  6. Thanks for the kind comment, much appreciated!

    We could play a "that is" bingo: Rather in the same way you could with Dan Corbett; with his mentions of "picnic baskets", "lumps of treacle", "walking the dog", "blue Plasticine" and "turning the heating up a notch"!

    I shall have to look more carefully for info about Tomasz... apart from 'his' BBC page, Twitter, dubious Wiki and dated Myspace profile, I'm at a loss where to look... I'm not a Fbk friend alas (way out my league [ha]).

    Other than, Google results come up with people making saucily admiring comments about him on forums-- what sort of saddo does things like that eh? [wink]

    That's one of (the many) things I adore about Tomasz, his sense of humour. That's why I regard him as cute; although I appreciate his (or anybody's)cuteness is entirely subjective, eye of the beholder and all that.

    Hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Make sure you tune into Country Tracks at 11:47 tomorrow! I trust my Youtuber pals will capture it for us...

  7. According to this article, published Nov 2009, he's still 30. So I suspect his birthday is Jan 1979 after all... hmmm...

    The mystery deepens!