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29 Oct 2009

Tomasz blows the Halowe'en cobwebs away

Tomasz was back on with his playmate Simon McCoy today. When Simon handed over to the Weather God, he speculated to Tomasz that it may be windy for Halowe'en.

He replied: "Yeah, I wonder what you'll be wearing"? We can only imagine Tomasz-- perhaps Simon will be a count (...I said a count, missus, a *count*, like Dracula). Gale-force winds are still predicted, that "will blow the Halowe'en cobwebs away", according to Tomasz. Nice to see the stubble again!

Yesterday, Tomasz was let down by technical gremlins. I doubt it's -99 in south Wales! I've heard Merthyr Tydfil called many things, but not an Arctic wasteland!

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