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28 Oct 2009

Caped crusader

Tomasz was on-duty for the late-morning shift at the News Channel, although Hilary Clinton's speech and visit to Pakistan dominated much of the morning's news-- and cancelled most of Tomasz's slots-- thus preventing his bromance with Simon McCoy blossoming further. Who does that Hilary Clinton think she is, eh? {i}

He did one at midday, where he warned of gales for Saturday evening. This Saturday of course is Halowe'en; Tomasz speculated it may be tricky going if you're out and about, and wearing a cape! That's my Lord Fear costume scuppered (he scared me when I was a "kidsy") {iii}

Hmm... I could see Tomasz in a cape-- he does scrub up well in a Star Trek uniform...

Tomasz was also on Radio 4. I notice the style of presenting has changed for R4 forecasts: Tomasz's wonderful prose has now been supplanted by a staccato summary for each region, reads too much like football results: "South-west England 15C and dry, Wales 13C with drizzle. Scotland 16C, dampness round the Trossachs".

Bring back the old-style forecasts Radio 4, we want to hear Tomasz and his mellifluous {ii} monologues. Otherwise it's Tomasz, but not as we know him...

{i} A rhetorical question
{ii} Copyright Paul O'Grady
{iii} Mark Knight, we salute you.

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