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23 Oct 2009

Tomasz is not clock-sure of himself

Fun and games with Tomasz today: He had one his adorable 'clock-ups' today, getting in a bit of tizz about changing the clocks back (see what I've done there!). Least he's unpretentious enough to laugh at himself.

If you remember the useful maxim "spring foward, fall back", then you can be
clock-a-hoop [groan]! An extra hour in bed courtesy of Tomasz... hmmm.. yes

A double-bill video here; 10:56am on the News Channel and then News At One.

Thanks go to Terratec365 for the videos.

We can only hope for a Country Tracks performance this Sunday...


  1. I think he does these things deliberately to add to his legend. Perhaps he wants to be the Murray Walker of weathercasting. What next, I think he might break wind.

  2. laura tobin was on late morning and early afternoon today.
    doesn't bode well for tomorrow :(

  3. I think you may be right: I like the Murray Walker analogy-- or David Coleman. Given Tomasz's inherent coolness and amusing banter, may be Jeff Stelling would be a good comparison? That said The Schaf is a legend already.

    Breaking wind... he could belch like Paul O'Grady sometimes does 'accidentally'. Best if Tomasz doesn't break wind from the other end at lunchtime, he could follow through.

  4. @Terratec

    Laura was on today, sadly that means she's very likely to appear for CT [malcontented grumbling].

    I will pick an archive clip if so... the Mary Poppins one perhaps!