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22 Oct 2009

Tomasz's tongue twister

Clearly there was something at the BBC canteen this lunchtime, which caused its broadcasters to become tongue-tied. First Sophie Raworth struggled with our favourite weatherman's name-- then Tomasz had trouble with Bristol and East Anglia. I think Tomasz needs to exercise his tongue...

Still I liked Tomasz's tie today, suits him (sir, ooh-- bright pink sir?!). In a later performance he regained the power of speech, but his graphics let him down! The IT folk at TVC ought to sort it out, can't let The Schaf down like that! He did show concern for a polar bear, which was sweet-- I like to think of him as cuddly teddy bear. Yeah. I like the thumbs-up thing he's starting doing as well of late..

I'm pleased to say his R4 forecast went far smoother today.

Thanks go to Terratec365 for his Youtube mastery


  1. with a thursday start for tomasz this week,this should mean he's up for sundays countrytrack's WFTWA forecast.

  2. I hope so... packed into a taut pair of jeans and a flattering top. Makes my Sunday!