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20 Nov 2009

Tomasz does a sterling job once more

As Tomasz unfortunately predicted, the torrential rain arrived in Cumbria and environs; causing floods of "biblical proportions", with 374mm (over a foot) of rain being dumped in some parts of the county. It is said it was the wettest 24 hours on record in Britain, "a once-in-1000-year occurence".

I'm just grateful that my part of the world received no rain yesterday or today, and my thoughts are with the people affected by hideous weather in Cumbria (and elsewhere).

It's in times like these, that our Tomasz comes into his own, he gave a great interview with Sohpie Raworth during News At One {i}: A comprehensive but straightfoward explanation of the weather systems responsible for these freak conditions-- and what's ahead...

Tomasz did a sterling job today, he gracefully told us the worst with his broadcasts.... sadly more rain to come over the weekend. From 10:57am and 11:33am

Tomasz did provide some much needed levity, bless him. He got Pudsey Bear {ii} to wave at us, at the end of the News At One bulletin. He was also wearing a bright pink tie... Tomasz that is, not Pudsey.

Tomasz also said "catch you later" at the end of one of his bulletins-- that's Jon Mitchell's {iii} catchphrase! What next, Tomasz saying a high-pitched "bye-bye" as a sign-off, as of Emma Jesson? Tomasz has the style to pull such things off though.

Forecasts from News At One and 1:56pm...

A big, big thanks to Terratec365 for all his smart work above with the vids

{i} He did a shorter interview with Simon McCoy earlier on the News Channel too.
{ii} Children In Need tonight-- please donate generously! I'm hoping Tomasz will do something 'special routine' tonight for CIN... we can but hope! I'd spend my wad for Tomasz anyday.
{iii} Speaking of charidee, I heartily recommend buying Jon Mitchell's book "Bright And Breezy" off Amazon-- all proceeds go to Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Notts & Lincs Air Amublance.


  1. There are Children in Need eBay auctions which are relevant to your interests; a 'BBC Weather Experience' and a BBC Weather Team signed bandana, on which you can clearly see TS's name.


  2. Oh wow, I may re-activate my account on E-bay just for that-- great stuff.

    Thanks for the tip off Kirsty! Closest Tomasz is ever likely get to my head, I should imagine!

  3. What neat hand-writing he has, taking up half the bandana too-- damn right and all...

    Nice Tomasz disco-dancing on the third slide...

  4. I'm sure one day you will meet Tomasz,Roger. It is just a matter of time. You could always go on one of the famous BBC tours. Details on the Beeb website. They are great fun. You even get to walk along the BBC Weather Centre corridor. Nots ure how long these tours will go on for as BBC News and Weather schedukled to relocate to Broadcasting House next year or the year after!

  5. I hope to do so some time... although I'd turn into a jibbering idiot if I did... yeah more so than normal!

    Then again all my accounts with celebs have been bizarre, the infamous Sherrie Hewson incident at Lenton Lane Studios for instance (that's another story)

    I shall have to check out these BBC tours... I always thought those tours were staff only, not riff-raff such as I!

    Ta muchly