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23 Nov 2009

Road to Nowheresville

No Tomasz on Country Tracks yesterday, so a forecast from back in the day-- July this year. The Schaf is very smart-caj here (it’s all the rage y’know):

Thanks to pj8210 for the video.

[“Forthcoming rant” alert]

I was surfing an internet forum yesterday, and the topic of conversation was about our Weather God {i}.

There are people *still* giving him grief about the Nowheresville incident {ii}-- it’s been two-and-half years-- that’s a long time for even a Scot to hold a minor grudge against a stranger {iii}.

I’m amazed that people still insist on taking him out of context over that comment. I can understand some SNP {iv} types putting spin on it; the main complaint is that Tomasz’s unfortunate comment reflects an England-centric attitude of the English (Tomasz is Polish, duh) and the alleged parochial nature of the BBC; would the Tomasz be talking about weather in Scotland, if the latter were true?

Tomasz gave an explanation and a sincere apology for the remark {v}; what else do his detractors want, for him to be burnt as a wicker man? I think people still begrudging Tomasz for this incident ought to get some perspective and a sense of humour. I suspect they are just jealous that so many people adore him, and take their 'issues' out on him.

Polemic ends

{i} One of many threads about Tomasz, it has to be said. Generally complimentary… a few non-fans, I suspect it must be very cold where they are.
{ii} Yes I know, an inherent irony in my bringing it up on here!
{iii} Only messing, I have Scottish relatives-- post-modern stereotyping, innit.
{iv} Does such really adavance their cause? Besides I would’ve thought the SNP would have better things to do than picking on Tomasz, such as running Scotland.

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