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23 Nov 2009


On today's 11:57am forecast, Tomasz pulled his earpiece out again-- and glared at the camera! Oo-er. I feel I may be encouraging this 'diva' behaviour, by having mentioned this practice before [satirical wink #1].

Tomasz got picked on again by Simon McCoy... sort of... Tomasz got mistaken for Phil Avery! Tomasz sympatheically pointed out that Phil was having a sandwich instead.

^10:57 and News At One Forecasts

Unfortunately our Weather God seems to be cursed: He comes back on after a couple of days, and is having to forecast more rain for Cumbria-- 100mm (about four inches in proper measures) in fact. No doubt some folk will blame him for that as well
[satirical wink #2].

Eee, some days I want to give him a big hug. I'd probably get glared at, if I did though [chortle] Thanks to Terratec365 for the video double-bill

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