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24 Nov 2009

Midday madness

The noon forecast must bring out the rebel in Tomasz-- today he removed his earpiece again (albeit minus the glare)!

To be fair to Tomasz, he was in a middle of a dramatic monologue {i}-- and we can't have the gallery disrupting Tomasz mid-flow. Seriously though, I suspect Tomasz needs his full concentration on weather forecasting at present-- with the inclement weather that continues to plague Cumbria.

^Thanks to Terratec365 for the video

Yesterday the Derby suburb of Littleover was affected by a tornado yesterday; that must've given residents a shock, as they were watching Jeremy Kyle. Here's the forecast from News At One today (signed version)...

^Courtesy of UK Weather World

On a lighter note, I love Tomasz's new snazzy hair cut-- definitely suits him-- it shows perfection can be improved on!

{i} ["Kenneth Brannagh" voice]: Out, out damn low pressure spot.

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