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25 Nov 2009

Heeeeeere's Tomasz

After Simon McCoy had introduced Tomasz for the weather at 10:58, there was a wait before the Weather God appeared. When he finally appeared, Tomasz humorously announced: "Here I am!". Fancy keeping us waiting for Tomasz, perhaps it's to build up suspense for event.

At midday Tomasz didn't pull it out today; but he was sporting his fetching stubble again (would give a lovely rash). He harked back to last night, when it was very windy outside: "I didn't get much sleep last night, it was very blowy"-- made the windows rattle apparently. I can imagine... oof, all sounds like something out of one of 'those' Janet & John stories {i}. Especially since Tomasz said there would be showers flirting about today, on News At One-- the tease.

At the end of 13:58 bulletin, he told us it will be a bit of a "chill" over the next few days. I think I'll need to, after all that!

^Thanks to Terratec365{ii}

{i} See Sir Terry Wogan snigger.
{ii} Congratulations to Terratec. He managed to squeeze in four sessions of Tomasz, within 10 minutes. Isn't he the lucky one?

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