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27 Nov 2009

Tom's diner

No Tomasz for a couple of days, so a rummage through the archives {i} once more-- October 2008: Here hunger pangs drive The Schaf into making a Freudian slip. Although given the way he's pacing around, I think he's 'full' already ("turtle's head" as Jim Royle would say)

Never mind dining out at Ben & Jerry's-- I'd rather nosh at Tomasz's {ii}!

Thanks to GMCAG for the video

{i} No I'm not got going to tire of doing that [ha]
{ii} On Janice Long's show (Radio 2) the other night, Liam Dutton revealed he'd been out on the town with a few of his colleagues and partied hard-- Tomasz had a few cocktails apparently. I'll leave you all to supply your own jokes.


  1. there's no way tomasz would ever let it go as far as a turtle's head.

  2. Well you never know: After a high-fibre breakfast, and being busy at the weather desk all morning-- one could be touching cloth before one knows it.

    I can't believe I'm having this discussion either [ha]