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28 Nov 2009

Tomasz breathless with enthusiasm

The Schaf returned to our screens this lunchtime, telling us of chilly weather and even snow across the Pennines {i}. He was particularly ebullient today with a pleasant twinkle in his eye, just the way we like him {ii}. This forecast from later on, at 1:55pm...

It reminds me of a comment made on The Weather Is Boring Without Tomasz Schafernacker Facebook website:

"I often ignore the weather forecast, but when Tomasz is on, I am compelled to watch. He gives so much information in an entertaining way, almost breathless with enthusiasm. And isn't his English brilliant"

Sums up the appeal of Tomasz brilliantly. His deft phraseology, charisma and being easy on the eye. I'm frequently breathless with enthusiasm when I watch him... err... yes... which reminds me: Tomasz should be on Country Tracks tomorrow! Since cold weather has set in, I suspect the fetching white woolly jumper will make a return-- accompanied by some taut denim? We can but hope.

Speaking of social networking websites, Alex Deakin tweeted that he'd filmed Celebrity Mastermind the other day: "They were desperate-- most terrifying thing I've ever done".

This got me thinking-- what quiz or reality show would we like to see Tomasz on?

Finally congratulations to Matt Taylor for becoming a father, his daughter Isobel Megan was born recently-- he was telling Big Vern all about it on Radio 1

{i} R Jon was right. Calendar viewers will know what I mean.
{ii} I love the blue-striped tie too!

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