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29 Nov 2009

Tomasz's (weather) balls

I turned on {i} at 11am today, to watch Tomasz on the News Channel. He instructed us to get an eyeful of his weather ball, which was indicative of the weather today-- wet. However Tomasz's balls must have magical powers {ii}, because it's been dry where I am-- nearly all day with sunshine!

I certainly got an eyeful when I watched Country Tracks today-- I'm definitely not complaining! Tomasz wearing his best jeans {iii} today; only Tomasz can wear them like that, hugging his eye-catching contours. I liked the way his belt-end was sticking out, easier to rein him in perhaps... a thick belt as well, needed for the support by the looks of it [suggestive wink #1].

He also was wearing a wonderfully revealing shirt, when turned sideways-- he could do with losing a few more of those buttons though [suggestive wink #2].

Of course there's more to Tomasz's five-day fares than just his inherent beauty in casuals (yes there is!). A commanding dramatic delivery, "windows rattling in Plymouth and Penzance... hail and thunder... clouds racing"-- sounds like something out of a Jim Steinman song-- classy stuff.

Back on the News Channel, Nicholas Owen had the cheeky to suggest Tomasz is "bad news"! Poor Tomasz was having to cycle back through inclement weather {iv}-- it should Mr Owen getting on his bike, for making cheeky remarks about our weather god-- definitely not cricket [conventional wink].

I love the way Tomasz gets artistic about the weather chart, something about the way he says turbulent... or is it that just I who thinks that. Must be time for my lie down again...

And Tomasz shouldn't worry about 'almost' offending Norwich, they won't mind-- one big happy family there [post-modern stereotyping wink]

Thanks to Terratec365 for spotting the latter video, and for uploading the first video too.

{i} In both senses
{ii} I like to think so
{iii} Lucky jeans or what?
{iv} Lucky saddle or what?

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