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2 Dec 2009

A small, Liddle mind

Tomasz has been absent for a few days; so I thought I would write about this article written in The Times a few months ago-- written by Rod Liddle (of Radio 4 fame).

He was sounding off about television weathermen, one in particular-- you can probably guess who....

I thought he was a bit mean about our weather god-- I love Tomasz's ebullient and animated style! It's refreshing, especially where there are so many 'autocuties' out there with no personality. The only time I find hot and humid weather bearable, is Tomasz tells me about it.

There are many weather-forecasters out there who are dull and lacking charisma; the weather can be depressing enough, without an equally soul-destroying presenter. Just because they are meterologists, doesn't mean they to be have to wooden.

Jon Mitchell of Calendar is a good example: A fully-qualified meterologist, who presents the weather without dumbing down and even including techincal terms-- but he does it in an engaging and lively way. He has more energy than the Duracell bunny {i}

Tomasz: Your enthusiam, cheeky humour, radiant personality and 'campness', is a huge part of your appeal-- don't ever lose it (if you ever read this)! You brighten the weather (however dire it is) with that gorgeous smile and wonderful patter... not forgetting the treats you give us on *those* Country Tracks forecasts!

What does Rod Liddle know anyway? He was barely noble enough to fit into the late, great Alan Coren's shoes on Call My Bluff {ii} for a start. Hmmm... I wonder if the article is still open for comments [evil grin, wink]

{i} ["Adrian Chiles" voice] Other brands of long-lasting battery are available.
{ii} Wasn't the theme-tune for Call My bluff annoyingly catchy?


  1. Rod Liddle often seems to say things for effect, rather than from conviction

  2. Aye, fair point: I detected a slightly facetious tone within Rod Liddle's ramblings!

    I just thought it has a bit harsh he singled out Tomasz for his 'polemic'. I get very defensive about The Schaf, y'know
    [self-aware chortle]

    Now, where did I leave my coat...