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5 Dec 2009

Get your head around Tomasz

Tomasz returned to our screens today, after a few days of Laura Tobin and a rare visit to lunchtime by Scunny's {i} finest, Darren Bett.

Tomasz was wearing a fetching pink tie today; he gave us to a slight 'riddle' about the weather, inviting us to get our "heads around that"...

He also treated us to *that* gorgeous smile at the end of midday bulletin on BBC1. So Tomasz on a lunchtime today, Country Tracks... we all know what that means. The Weather God in his casuals-- I wonder what he'll treat us to tomorrow?!

Meanwhile on Tuesday morning, Tomasz appeared with Janice Long. Talking about blue stetsons (sounds like he wants a purple one), going "brrr", Janice "going off on one" and Dallas. @1:42:27

^Only available for two more days

So Tomasz doesn't like wearing too many layers eh? I like the thought of Tomasz wearing t-shirts with holes in and wearing pants with with (warm) frontals on-- must be time for my lie down. I wonder who this "Ben" is... Rich possibly, given Janice's West Midlands connection?

{i} Scunthorpe-- "Garden Town of Northern Lincolnshire". So called, because it has a few trees around the steel works.

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