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6 Dec 2009

Flirting with the south coast

I noticed on Country Tracks today, that Ben Fogle was going for the snuggly-fitting jeans look-- but of course he was no match for The Schaf!

Tomasz sporting a fine pair of denims today for the five-day forecast, with glistening buttons which caught the eye; conspicuous because the strain they were under, no doubt [wink]. He generously turned sideways to the screen plenty of time, giving us a nice view; just to prove I was paying attention to the Tomasz's report, it was the wettest November on record {i}.

Tomasz had a nice T-shirt today too, with an interesting-looking logo. Sadly we couldn't see what it was, or if it had any holes in it; he was wearing a white fleece-style garment over it, which both complimented and complemented his physique-- plus we got a cute smile at the end. Oh you do know how to treat us Mr Schafernaker, in these gloomy late-autumn days...

I love the way he talks about showers flirting with the south coast. Just for balance, Tomasz looking dashing in a suit and leaving us embued with optimism. The man is priceless!

Thanks to Terratec365 for the videos.

{i} There's a joke I could make there... but I won't


  1. hey,that's the same outfit as his 11 october forecast! hee-hee

  2. Oof-- you're right-- I've just looked! Perhaps he was so impressed about what I wrote (and your video-capturing skills of course), that he decided to give us a repeat treat.

    Who I am to argue against the Weather God? I could never look that good in such clobber.

  3. yer know,if you look carefully,you can at times see his nipples poking through his top.
    what a tease!

  4. ["Dicky Emery" voice]: You are aaaaawful, but I like you.

  5. well Roger, knowing the great man as I do, I am sure Tomasz regularly reads your blog!

  6. I'm pleased to hear it, hope he enjoys it!

    Given than Dan "blue Plasticine" Corbett and Matt Taylor have blogs, it's only right The Schaf is worshipped as well-- being the weather god that he is.

    ["Big thumbs up" emoticon]