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10 Nov 2009

Tomasz's sunny (mis)spell.

Sadly no Tomasz for a couple of days [weeps into hanky]; so in Dale Winton style, I shall delve in the archives {i} for one of my favourite Tomasz clips, from March this year.

The News Channel received a message that echoes all our sentiments. However his deserved glory was overshadowed by a spelling error on Tomasz's weather screen {ii}. How dare they let The Schaf down like that [Mutley chunter]!

Thanks to TV-livesite

{i} Dale rummages through his archives every Saturday on Radio 2, always worth a listen.
{ii} I have a spell chequer, it came with my pea-see... etc


  1. I guess Tomasz put this up himself. he's not the greatest speller.. :)

  2. Ah right... I wasn't sure who would do the captions.

    Credit to Tomasz, he did admit to the mistake and made light of it-- perhaps it was just a typo (with M being next to N on qwerty).

    I just don't like to think of the Weather God being fallible [wink]