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12 Nov 2009

Tomasz pumps in

I'm pleased to say Tomasz is back after a few days absence, dived in straightaway with a bit of McCoy-baiting today. Simon announced Tomasz's arrival in an oddly silted fashion, which Tomasz cheekily immitated.

However Tomasz's glory was short-lived, since he accidentally referred to northern Scotland as northern England... oops, he'll upset them again! No doubt some precious folk will be already assembling a wicker man in Ullapool, and SNP politicians will be foaming upon hearing this 'transgression' {i}.

Personally I don't mind, since Tomasz said that "rain showers will be pumping in", which disturbingly got me excited-- he even talked about "sprinkles" on News At One. Sophie Raworth hinted that Tomasz may be thinking about his summer holidays, and Tomasz agreed. Never mind, this is the sort of weather warning I like...

Thanks to Terratec365 for the following...

{i} Reminds me of that Frankie Boyle gag: "Least Alex Salmond looks Scottish. He looks as though he has the cholestrol level of a fried egg, and his heart beats twice an hour". So give Frankie a hard time, and leave The Schaf alone.

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