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13 Nov 2009

Tomasz's bit of rough

Rough weather heading our way over the next 36 hours-- heavy rain and strong 80mph winds coming in from the (south-)west {i}

Of course there's only one person who can gives us the bad news re-assuringly, that's our Tomasz. On News At One, we were treated to a nice sideways close-up shot of Tomasz as he told us the worse; he was sporting a lovely layer of designer stubble and a bright pink tie-- looking absolutely ravishing.

It wasn't all bad news; he took great pains to inform that it was good news for his friends in Scotland, with just light and dry winds breezing across the nation.

Also from 10:58 this morning..

Thanks to Terratec365

{i} So be careful if you walk near any precipices, you may get sucked off.

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