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14 Nov 2009

Swelling around The Solent

Tomasz did a sterling job keeping us up-to-date about the gales battering the southern half of Britain-- wonderfully informative and straightfoward as ever.

As usual Tomasz cheered us all up by giving us that{i} smile out the left-hand side of his mouth, plus a few nice reassuring/pensive smiles too-- public-service broadcasting at it's finest. Two videos of the Weather God at work today

Ta muchly to Terratec365 for that lovely pair

Tomasz on during Saturday luchtime, with a Country Tracks tomorrow? Yes folks, I feel a 11:47 moment coming on-- BBC1. As they say in Lancashire: "Be thurr, or be squrr"

{i} You know the one, *that* smile-- it's engrammed on my brain...

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