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15 Nov 2009

Cherishing Tomasz

The Weather God was in action today, for a Country Tracks five-day forecast. He suggested to the people of Northern Ireland, that they should cherish the forthcoming sunshine. If I were watching the forecast in 'Norn Iron', I would be more inclined to cherish Tomasz instead.

He was wearing a horizontally-striped sweatshirt, which flattered his physique; ditto with his lightweight Craghopper{i} trousers, and what he was wearing under them was 'enhancing'. Indeed when Tomasz told us about about weather-systems coming in from the south-west, my eyes were drawn to the very south-west of the screen, I spotted a very prominent front-- and I could feel a damp spell coming on already.

Here's another forecast from 10:56am today, albeit with Tomasz in his 'smarts'-- nice tie! However somebody in the gallery appeared to be irritating him at 00'52": No need to apologise to us Tomasz, we don't want anybody breaking your stride.

Thanks to Terratec365 for videos

{i} Other brands of lightweight, waterproof trousers are available. Unless I get a free pair of Craghoppers sent to me.


  1. lol how can you even tell he's wearing Craghoppers?

  2. I don't know for sure-- they looked like Craghoppers-- same colour and texture. I was inspecting it... err... I mean the trousers carefully!

    I have Craghoppers myself, but I don't fill them out as nicely as Tomasz does.