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4 Nov 2009

Tomasz saves the day

Tomasz swept in with a fun-packed News At One bulletin today. Firstly there was reportedly a mini-tornado {i} over SE England yesterday. It's been very turbulent this week, "as I said yesterday-- it's autumn full-throttle"; commented Tomasz with a smirk and side glance to the camera {ii}.

Still, Tomasz was "pleased" that Highland Scotland and the Western Isles were having nicer weather. I would really hope the miseri... er... good citizens of the latter would've forgiven him for Nowheresvillegate by now {iii}. After all the Ilse of Man is always snubbed by the BBC forecasters, you don't hear Tony Brown assembling a Tynwald lynch-mob/wicker man do you? The Manx have enough grace to leave The Schaf alone {v}

Tomasz made a commendable socio-historical remark about bonfire night: "I know some of you will have it at the weekend, but those of you who are more traditional, the weather tomorrow night...". Quite right, it ought to be just November 5th and maybe the nearest Saturday-- not half the bloody autumn {iv}! Some these fireworks they let off, are like SAM missiles [/rant]

At the end of the forecast, Tomasz was worried about reptitive nature of his forecasts this week. I wouldn't worry our Tomasz, we could listen to you go on for hours.

Double-bill here, 10:55 and 13:28... the former sees Tomasz "saving the day". Doesn't he always.

{i} No size-ist jokes please, or "staturist"-- or whatever the PC term is this week.
{ii} Could that be an olbique sign, that he reads this blog/drivel? If so, I am touched-- I won't say where.
{iii} Mountains, molehills ["Vic Reeves" voice]: They wouldn't let it lie!
{iv} I really shouldn't swear-- there may be sailors about.
{v} "Traa dy liooar", innit

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