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3 Nov 2009

Ivy league

A nice triple-bill of Tomasz today: His message was that autumn was at "full-throttle", and so was Tomasz's performance-- indeed I was at full-throttle watching him {i}.

At 11:58 he was doing an "autumn watch" piece about the flowering of ivy; even in the wilds of Moray and Aberdeenshire, ivy is flowering at present. No doubt this will be of interest to our Tomasz, since he maintains his own garden-- I wonder if he has ever had a creeper up his trellis?

For News At One, Kate Silverton clearly had amused him-- since he started his forecast with a brief chuckle. We got a nice view of his designer stubble; a couple of days' worth there I'd say, accentuates his lovely pink lips nicely {ii}. Tomasz was commendably enthusiastic about the weather, despite the heavy rain that was plaguing some parts of the country.

Then just before 1pm, the News Channel was left in the "weathery hands" of Tomasz; he did a bewitching groping motion with his hands, as if he was about to tickle somebody {iii}. Tomasz was at his hyper best today. A bonus forecast from 10:58 starts us off..

Thanks once again to Terratec365

["Bruce Forsthye" voice]: Didn't he do well? Ahvivivivuh.

{i} Less said about that, the better.
{ii} Move over Gok Wan ("girlfriend")
{iii} Now there's a thought.

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