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1 Nov 2009

Rugby scrummy

No Tomasz on Country Tracks today {i}, so a rummage into the archives once more-- this time from August 2nd this year.

It's one of Tomasz's most popular Country Tracks performances: Perhaps owing to the flattering rubgy shirt he was wearing, showcasing his amazing biceps and the rest of his stunning physique.

Forget even Jonny Wilkinson, Tomasz knows how to wear a rugby shirt. I wonder if Tomasz has played ruggers in the past: I can see him being going for it in a scrum, being rough around the touchline and handling his tackle well {ii}. Well he is 'scrummy' after all {iii}.

He may have forecasted nice aestival weather that week, but I wasn't paying attention the charts. It was all about the arms (and the rest of him for that matter)

Oh... Laura Tobin did the five-day forecast this morning, just in case you were wondering. Footnotes follow.

{i} Disgrace, outrage, we should demand our Licence Fee back etc
{ii} I'm still talking about rugby. Of course.
{iii} See what I did there.

Thanks to Terratec365 for the video


  1. it was laura who did the WFTWA country tracks forecast.alex was on bbc news doing the late morning shift.

  2. Oof, well spotted that man! Thanks Just edited it. I saw Alex Deakin on the News Channel at 11am, so put two and two together and got five.

    Either way, it wasn't Tomasz [Mutley chunter]