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9 Dec 2009


Tomasz was back on this lunchtime, with a lovely sky-blue tie. Different lighting too, anything that illuminates Tomasz more is a bonus...

I noticed he did it again today-- yes-- he mentioned the Llyn Peninsula! {i}

I notice that every few weeks he likes to namecheck said Welsh land feature, almost out of habit. Now I have nothing against the Llyn Peninsula-- a very picturesque and tranquil part of Gwynedd (been there myself): It just seems an odd place to frequently reference on a national forecast, especially since it's not that long (no more than 20 miles and only a few wide) and its sparsely populated {ii}.

Perhaps Tomasz has some special connection with that area of Wales. He seems to have a nice grasp of it with his left hand here {iii}

Meanwhile Simon McCoy appeared to be up to an old trick of his, dissing The Schaf. It could be inferred that Simon is saying our Tomasz is not an oiling painting! How rude... Tomasz is way better looking than any oil-painting, a pretty picture indeed. I'd rather look at him than Mona Lisa (what a sour-face mare she is).

{i} What's that Skippy? I'm running out of ideas? Surely not
{ii} No I'm not going to use the 'N word'!
{iii} Behave yourselves!

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