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10 Dec 2009

Sunshine from Tomasz

On News At One today, Kate Silverton linked a heart-warming story to Tomasz: "Here's some more sunshine". Well The Schaf is a ray of sunshine to us; especially with that lovely smile he flashed at us, he digs his left heel into the ground {i}.

I approve of this new studio lightening they have for Tomasz's missives, it illuminated his stubble nicely today-- it shows him in a good light!

Meanwhile an interesting revelation on Janice Long's show, from Chris Fawkes. Our Jan was teasing Chris about his choice of casual wear for forecasts (on Saturday BBC Breakfast)-- Janice asked if they actually do get much choice of what to wear. "I just do what I'm told", Chris wryly replied. He then went on to say that each forecaster has their own wardrobe at the Weather Centre.

Hmm... I wonder what Tomasz's contains. A few pairs of taut jeans, pink ties and crisp rugby shirts no doubt. Imagine being a producer, telling Tomasz to wear something revealing for his adoring fans at home... or even being a fly in Tomasz's dressing room... {ii}

Footage may follow soon

{i} He always does that at the end of News At One bulletins. I think there's something quite endearing about the way he does it. Yes.
{ii} ... time for my lie-down again.

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