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11 Dec 2009

Rock on Tommy

The Radio 4 continuity announcer linked to Tomasz's forecast today: "Now to the weather, perhaps with one eye on the weekend, here's Tomasz Schafernaker".
"Two eyes in fact Rory", came Tomasz's droll reply.

And what nice eyes they are-- and we only have eyes for Tomasz {iii}. Certainly better than looking outside; dense and raw fog all day round my neck of the woods-- only 5C. Clearly such damp conditions get to Tomasz; on the 11:28am bulletin, he had a coughing fit and dredged up some phlegm brulee. To be fair, he did the decent thing and swallowed {i}

Later our weather god was abused by Matthew Amroliwala. After some story featuring a cannon, Matthew suggested that poor Tomasz should be lined up and shot at {ii}, if he gives us bad weather news. No way to treat The Schaf!

I'm pleased to say his other forecasts went smoothly. Tomasz was worried the forecasts may be a bit boring with the "blocking high" sitting to north-east of the British Ilses. Tomasz could never be boring, especially with glossy striped pink tie and stubble. And an array of gorgeous smiles too!

It appears the Vale of York has become another favourite for Tomasz... not there's anything wrong with the low-lying land between the Vale of Mowbray and the Humberhead Levels! Well, apart from thick fog and frosts and the moment.

{i} [...]
{ii} With a cannonball, before anybody makes a clever remark.
{iii} ["John Shuttleworth" voice]: Oof, but not on the radio-- because you can't see what's going on. Not though it through have I, flawed analogy.

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