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13 Dec 2009

Mighty Wurlitzer

The Schaf was on form today! He made an unexpected appearance on Country Tracks, but certainly a welcome one nonetheless.

Tomasz was portentously forecasting bitterly cold (and strong) winds from the east later this week, perhaps bearing snow. Thankfully Tomasz showed us what a lovely and well-developed warm front he has, courtesy of a nice black sweatshirt. Always pleasing to see Tomasz in jeans too; if raw winds do develop, I hope he has his prominent extremities lagged just as well as they are supported!

However Tomasz was less than supportive {iii} about his BBC News mucker Chris Hollins; as Maxine Mawhinney pointed out, Mr Hollins made it through to the final of Strictly Come Dancing {i}. Of course I would love see Tomasz on there, especially in some of those costumes... I bet he's a groovy mover as well-- has rhythm and stamina no doubt. Hmm... imagine doing the samba with him, or a nice cha-cha [mind wanders]. Alas the only dance I can do is big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-box {ii}

Earlier on the News Channel, 'Maaaxane' commented Tomasz "was on standby"; so much so, he was rudely cut off at the end, with a frozen ball no less. The techies letting our weather god down again. Least we got to hear a bit of Tomasz's delicious chuckle! Wearing the pink tie again too, perhaps he's trying to tell us something [wink]

Ta muchly to Terratec365, for uploading the videos. Didn't he do well?

{i} "Good game, good game... ahvuhvuhvuhvuh"
{ii} As they used to do in the 1990s. I could see Tomasz getting his glostick out
{iii} I love it when he gets bossy, very masterful isn't he?

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