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27 Jan 2010

Grooming guru, is it you...

A quicky with Tomasz today {i}...

One of my esteemed regulars to this blog, Grooming Guru, has done a superb interview with The Schaf-- about his grooming regime.

Ever wondered what make-up Tomasz wears? How he gets his stubble to be so delicious (I certainly have)? Whether he did remove any body-hair on that Attitude photoshoot? And how he gets his lovely dark-blond head hair so immaculate? Or what fragrancies he wears... just in case you get close enough for a sniff... in short how does he look so beautiful?

Well wonder no more Schaffanatics, go to this link right away...

Great work there GG. I'm not sure about the David Beckham comparison though, although I've never 'got' Becks. Needlessly to say Tomasz has way more personality, charisma and far better-looking than David Beckham. I found the assumption that anybody who has a smooth chest, must remove their body hair-- there really are men out there who are naturally smooth! I'm fairly hairy, before anyone asks [chortle]

Sadly I doubt even Tomasz's tips can save me from munterdom (the state of being "szpetny" for my dear Polish readers).

What I want to know is, did the guru get lucky {ii} and interview Tomasz in person? Phil Avery on Janice Long last night, deprived once again [harumph]

{i} ["Austin Powers" voice]: Oooo, behave.
{ii} Ditto

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