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1 Feb 2010

Colourful metaphors

We had a nice dusting of Tomasz today on the BBC News Channel, Radio 4 and News At One-- nice to see the pink benzene-pattern again {i}. Do I spot a nice tan too, complements the hair nicely.

On News At One Tomasz reckoned the deep frost last night would engender sluggish performances from cars and lots of colourful metaphors from drivers... well if Tomasz ever needs a jumpstart, I'm happy to oblige.

This from 1:56pm

Interesting to see it's -99 in Penzance! Poor Tomasz seemed distracted towards the end of the forecast, I hope the gallery wasn't putting The Schaf off! Such behaviour on their part is far from a venial sin. Yes. [Adjusts frock-coat, grips pulpit]

Thanks to Terratec365 for the above video

{i} Not in the case of Radio 4 obviously, unless you have a webcam-- not thought it through have I?

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