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2 Feb 2010

And that's magic!

The Schaf did a magic trick on News At One today-- a disappearing act no less. Poor Tomasz was taken out of vision, so we didn't get to see his uroczy smile-- we were treated to his adorable giggle though!

Ta muchly to Terratec 365 for that; I liked it, but quite a lot.

Nothing to report from Tomasz's website. However The Schaf has quite a presence on Facebook...

A fan page. Two appreciation groups-- this one and this one. There's also another group, for those appreciate his finer attributes.

This has to be the best though, surely [wink]


  1. Do you think Tomasz and LiamD are just work colleagues or 'an item' ;) ?

    I see from their respective tweets that they're both off to see Avatar tonight

  2. I've just noticed that. I don't think they're just friends/colleagues, from what my spies tell me ;)

  3. Just read a comment by R Mellie elsewhere that Tomasz was on a "certain dating site". Would that be Gaydar? :-)

  4. I hope he doesn't mind my saying so, but he was on Outeverywhere ~2004. I'm told by folk on that site he was on Gaydar simultaneously-- had a "lovely shirtless" picture apparently. In fact one lucky gentleman on Facebook reports going on a date in Soho via the latter.

    But he disappeared from those sites after acquiring a boyfriend. Not sure if it's the same one he has now?

    Although the above information is already on Outeverywhere, I do feel a little bit guilty gossiping about him... I guess that's my chances of signed photo out the window!

    [Wanders off to crawl under a rock]

  5. I can't see His Loveliness holding a grudge. After all, showing off that fabulous torso on the front cover of Attitude is hardly low-key!

    As ever, you are a font of great knowledge for all Shafernatics!

  6. Well I hope so. If I ever were to get a signed photo from His Loveliness, my life would be complete.

    I hear he is/was a regular down Old Compton Street-- so not low key either! I bet he was swarmed. Alright for some; when I went down there, I just got creepy pervs looking at me, as if I were a verruca plaster in a swimming pool.