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8 Feb 2010

Back on track

Cześć! Sorry for the tardiness of my posting, I was out yesterday. I was driving and hiking around the sun-kissed (!) slopes of the south Pennines yesterday-- still snow around the tops-- especially up Blackstone Edge (White House pub was aptly named!)

Anyway The Schaf was back in his rightful place yesterday, on Country Tracks. He was talking about moisture coming down from the sea; I certainly have moisture running down my leg watching the following, I hope it's sweat:

Tomasz told us that he could play around with all sorts of parameters for weather fanatics, and his parameters certainly looked impressive on that forecast for the Schaffanatics. His sleeves were tantalising folded back, to give us a cheeky peek of the legendary biceps-- niesamowity. Click on the pictures to magnify

Did anybody else get slightly excited by Tomasz's artistic hand movements towards the end of the forecast? He has technique. Not quite as impressive as his jeans, but nice trouser choice...

Of course a weather forecast from the Divine One, wouldn't be complete without out The Smile...

A big thank you to Terratec for the video and Tzukenut for the pictures-- great work guys!


  1. This website is absolutely fabulous. But did you spot in the clip of 30 January (headlined as "delighted") the Schaf's surname was mis-spelt? Schafernsaker. Yes, really! Someone on the weather team has a sense of humour, me thinks. And they have his surname spelt incorrectly on the official BBC Weather site! I was going to email the Schaf direct but I thought you would probably have a direct line to the great man. Like your good self, I have loved him for ages. Can't help feeling that the Attitude cover has kind of spoilt the magic with all these latecomers to the party

  2. Hi Tomasz fan,

    Many thanks for your comments, very appreciated-- I can only laud your good taste!

    I actually managed to not notice that spelling error-- one the regulars here pointed it out for me at the time. I wonder if it was deliberate, amusing if it was.

    I'm afraid I don't have a direct line to The Schaf: I did sent him a letter recently, confessing to the blog-- no reply as yet. A couple of anon comments I've had, suggest that he does read this site-- I do hope he takes the blog in the kind spirit that is intended.

    I've adored Tomasz since about 2006, when he caught my eye-- I've been transfixed ever since-- beautiful inside and out.

    I agree about Attitude, spoilt our little secret [haha]. What puzzles me, is many people have only just started saying he's hot on the basis of that photoshoot-- as if his physique is the only thing that's attractive about him! Not that his body isn't impressive of course.

    We hardcore fans know differently of course! I hope the site contiunes to give you pleasure :-)