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9 Feb 2010

Having a blast with Tomasz

Terratec has been kind enough to provide a doublebill of our hero, from yesterday (a big thanks as ever). First we have the midday forecast from the News Channel, where poor Tomasz had a little coughing fit-- he obviously needs something soothing to swallow. Still the stubble looks nice, and I'd say Tomasz is a brightness poking through the gloomy weather {i}.

For News At One, his forecast followed a piece about the space-shuttle launch. Our very own "pocket rocket" {ii} made a couple of amusing quips alluding to this story-- talking off "blasting off" {iii} and "rocket science"-- Tomasz's humour never fails to make me smile and my heart melt

{i} Or "verreh claadeh" as they say round my way
{ii} Copyright Simon McCoy
{iii} He wasn't talking about wind... well not *that* sort wind anyway

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