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10 Feb 2010

Schaf in the caff and positive attitude

First off, greetings to my new followers-- welcome on board-- hope you continue to enjoy the site!

A lot to get through today. Tomasz updated his official site yesterday, apparently he has a "manager" who is organising an official Facebook {iii} group for Tomasz! He modestly is bemused as to why he needs one, bless him. That's because he is the Weather God, and we're not worthy [wink]

Tomasz was on Janice Long's show last night, or "Schaf in caff" as she called him, much to the Divine One's amusement.
Fast foward to 00:43:58

Something to do with BBC Somerset ("Zammarrzet") apparently... lovely to hear Tomasz going on about his colourful metaphors again-- something slightly erotic about the way he says that {i}. Here's the link Tomasz to BBC Radio Somerset
Fast foward 00:59:11
Hmm... Tomasz in a vest and long-johns... hmmm... [slaps self] {ii}

Anyway he and Janice had a 'John Shuttleworth' discussion about the merits of putting lemon or blackcurrant in one's tea. They also talked about skiing. Apparently somebody tried to get him to ride on Box Hill, but he decided to sit at the bottom instead. Fancy. Well you can have a lot of nasty accidents skiing, as Eddie and a certain mutt will tell you. Altogether-- aaaaw yessss!

The latest edition of Attitude is out today, and unsurprisingly The Schaf's photoshoot went down a treat. Comments from the letters page:

Darn right too, I say. Although where Jonathan from London is concerned, has he never watched Country Tracks (or Countryfile before it moved), which our Terratec has kindly uploaded for us? He ought to check out this website, to see what he's been missing-- then he call himself a proper Schaffanatic (and what sensible person wouldn't want to be?)

March 2010 edition of Attitude out now, from all good newsagents-- and several bad ones

{i} What's that Skippy? I need to get out more? Tomasz's voice though... [sigh]
{ii} Both radio links expire in six days
{iii} Or "Faircebuke" if you're from Lancashire


  1. LoL, he's so funny, cant wait to see/hear more of him

  2. Aaaw yes. He indeed us funny, a real star. He's set up an official Fbk page, for you to interact with him... more details to come.