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11 Feb 2010

The truth is out there

My life is now complete. I've had a lovely email off The Schaf today! It read

Well hello...Don't really know what to say! I'm flattered to have a blog page updated by 'someone out there' :-).
I actually have a new Facebook page now which anyone can join. I'll be interacting with with everyone on that site.My personal Facebook page is really reserved for close friends and family for now)

Wishing you good weather and the kind of weather you enjoy!
Tomasz Schafernaker :-)

How amazing is that! I did try some Polish, but unfortunately my idiom wasn't much good-- but he was commendably sympathetic about my butchering of his native language. He also hinted that he'll send a signed photo-- that'll be eternally treasured.

As you'll have seen above The Schaf now has his own official Fbk page, where you can "interact" with him. Some great new photos on there, I'd recommend the bike album... however the cutest photo is of Tomasz singing Bjork on Karaoke. He's clearly living the song; with a wide open mouth, closed eyes and squatting pose.

Click here for more pictures of Tomasz posing in taut jeans and tight shirts

Tomasz is now such a star, he has an agent: Tim Reed Management 1st Floor, 23 Tavistock Street London WC2E 7NX .

Who couldn't resist Tomasz's obvious charms...


  1. Roger, my congratulations to you on the reply! Its always nice to get a reply, and shows that good manners have not completely died out with the advent of Facebook and Twitter. But, maybe you'd agree, its a bit of a sad day too? Its truly wonderful for our hero that he is now a celebrity and all - I am sure like me, you genuinely wish him nothing but success - but with the Facebook official page, news of the Manager and all, isn't he one bit removed now? The funny thing is, I was getting ready to ask him out on a date - somewhere glam - (I'm a couple of years older than our hero), but I am now too intimidated to do that because how can he distinguish between his hundreds of facebook "friends" (there are some whackos out there) and his core group who actually like the man, not the body. Its his personality we love, not the pecs. I was away last weekend and had a copy of Attitude in my bag as I hadn't actually looked at it until then, and was literally dumbstruck when I realised who was on the back. I was upset the whole weekend - clearly not the reaction of most people who saw it. I realised straight away: "that's it". I am sure that BBC Talent are already in negotiation with his Manager for a move away from presenting the weather. My friends at the BBC tell me there is a vacancy for a BBC 1 Friday Night Chat Show... Sorry if this is a bit downbeat, its not meant to be. Our hero is clearly on the cusp of something big. And seriously, he must be flattered and bemused in equal measure by this blog.

  2. Why thank you Tomasz fan :-) I feel honoured that he emailed me.

    It's all very intriguing... since January he has done this Attitude shoot, set up his own website, got an agent and now done an official Fbk page!

    Could it be BBC talent is nuturing him (as of Fiona Bruce, Chris Hollins and Des Coleman), and they have realised his star quality and popularity? I don't think it's standard practice for the BBC national presenters to have agents?

    Could it be he's worried about his future with the BBC, given the speculation over the Met Office contract? Or has he thought he's decided to increasing his earnings-- ambitious New Year's resolution?

    The chat show slot vacated by Wossy, will likely be filled by Michael McEntyre... nothing to do with the fact he and Wossy have the same management of course [wink]

    My BBC spies tell me that Tomasz has a gentleman friend-- who also works at White City [sigh]-- lucky blighter! Mind you, if Tomasz were single-- I'd be at the back of a very long queue! Waaaay out my league... he'd be the beauty to my beast [LOL]

    I do know what you mean about how Attitude has changed things. It was more fun when he had a cult following, with people who didn't just admire him for his body.

    I'm not complaining that he did that shoot though... I had often wondered what he was hiding in those tight shirts and jeans on CT-- even I didn't expect it to be that good!

    Foremost it's his character I like: I think it's important that it isn't forgetten and there's an amazing brain behind the gorgeous face and physique (bonuses though they are!)

    I suspect he's on the cusp of something big... I can only humbly chart it here!

  3. Hey Roger,

    Couldn't agree with you more. Love the blog because I love our weather hero and have done for years!!

    It's a shame in some ways that Tomasz has become such a popular figure very quickly, due to Attitude. I feel that those of us who have loved him for years have been overtaken by those who just love his physique. I too, love him for his personality, the fact he is persistent in his studies in working towards his goals, the fact he is intelligent and gain for a laugh at the same time, his innocent cheekiness, and that we share the same interests and hobbies. As you say, the fact he is 100% sexy is a bonus.

    Congratulations on your reply. I got one too when I said his art work and website was great. He's a true gent!

    Something in the back of my mind says Tomasz isn't going anywhere (off BBC), because if the Attitude shoot caused such controversy like the tabloids hyped up, he would have surely had his contract terminated by now. He would not have been nominated for TRIC Awards either (which he should win).

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Matt x

  4. Hi Anonymous, many thanks for you comments. I definitely agree with what you put^ :-)

    I'm very pleased you got a reply, what did he have to say for himself? He definitely ought to proud of his artwork, it's excellent.

    Aye, it was more fun when he was more of a cult figure! It does sadden me when people say things such as: "Who'd guessed he had that body under his suits". Or: "I'll have to pay attention to his weather forecasts, after seeing those [Attitude] pictures"

    It's as if his amazing physique is the only thing about Tomasz that's worthy of attention, and he isn't worth a look otherwise.

    He's certainly beautiful on the outside, but we veteran fans know there's far more to him-- you hit the nail on the head in your comments: He *is* also amazing talented, with a superb sense of humour and personality-- and conscientious with it too.

    I admit when I first saw Tomasz in 2006 (on the News Channel), I was awestruck by his beauty and voice-- plus the cool name-- but it's his charm that has maintained my interest.

    BTW just to clarify: My remark about the BBC, was more to with this rumour about the coporation ditching the Met Office for Metra-- I'm not sure what would happen to the current forecasters if that *were to* happen? I'd hope their jobs would be safe...

    However I suspect that rumour was just tabloid tittle-tattle, since I've heard nothing more about it. Plus Peter Gibbs intimated it's not true, on Janice Long's show a little while ago.

    I suppose Tomasz is cashing in on his popularity, or maybe the BBC is encouraging him too? Good luck to him either way!