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15 Feb 2010

A dangling modifier

Simon McCoy unwittingly (?) insulted The Schaf today, with an unfortunate dangling modifier: "The weather: Dull, grey and boring-- here with the details is Tomasz Schafernaker".

Tomasz gave a grin at this... but I'm charitable to think this was a non-sequitur on Mr McCoy's part [chuckle]. I would hope that Simon wasn't calling our Tomasz "dull, grey and boring". Otherwise he's in trouble with The Schaffanatics! {i}

I love the way he says "exhilarating" and talk of "arcing and swirling" weather fronts-- plus the cute aside about cloud colouring. Never mind grey skies, Tomasz can loom across my horizon any day.

Tomasz has joined me and has migrated his own {i} blog to Blogspot-- you can access it here:

Drink me

I've noticed from a couple of recent headshots, that His Loveliness has taken to apparently shaving a slice out his right eyebrow... not sure what to make of it?! What does anyone else think? {ii}

As long as he doesn't get a piercing or tatoo... but otherwise I'm not worthy ["schwing" emoticon]. In case you are wondering, it was Laura Tobin yesterday on Country Tracks. Me neither, lovely as she is.

Apologies for the tardiness of imparting information about Tomasz's blog, but I was out all day yesterday. I was pushing a converted fridge-freezer along the A2 in between Sittingbourne and Faversham, for a very goos cause in fact. If you are on Facebook, please take a moment to visit the following site-- many thanks.

The Monumental Walk

{i} Angry letters to Points Of View, refusal to pay the Licence Fee, picket at Television Centre-- that sort of thing.
{ii} Being a young fogey and not being 'down widda kids', I always was under impression it was a chav thing-- hope Tomasz isn't turning into a Burberry ape [ha]!


  1. Thanks for reply Roger...congrats on yesterday's good cause. The shaved eyebrow I quite like to be honest...I don't know whether it's a scar, or whether he has a piercing. Or whether he shaved it off for the hell of it!! Love 'im still though!

    Yesterday's Country Tracks - Laura's a lovely girl but I prefer our hero more!!! He was only doing the weather on Monday last week (on TV) so I'm hoping he's doing more this week! Fingers crossed!

    Best Wishes

  2. You're most welcome Matt, lovely to hear from you again.

    I've been looking at recent footage/photos of Tomasz (sort of life I lead!), and the eyebrow gap has appeared in the last few weeks.

    I had thought it may he'd had an accident, and it was a scar. Robbie Williams similarly has an eyebrow gap, from an accident when he reputedly jumped into a shallow fountain (as one does).

    I did think about a piercing, but I've not seen Tomasz with any metal in, doesn't seem the piercing type? That said, it is intriguing to note the gap appears to have grown back-- so I think he shaved it.

    I've noted it's a trendy thing to do (didn't Shayne Ward do it [ha])... or perhaps it was an in-joke or done for 'charidee'.

    Perhaps the good man himself will care to solve the mystery. In any event, it adds the legend that is... The Schaf [cue choral music]

    He was on today as well, Simon did the same thing! I think somebody has been reading this blog. Laura is alright, but she doesn't have the same [ahem] effect on me.