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16 Feb 2010

The Real McCoy Part 94

Tomasz was back on News At One today with Simon McCoy, who again made a dubious non-sequitur: To make one would be regarded as a misfortune, to make another looks like carelessness-- or a catty dig (to paraphrase Oscar Wilde). I suspect somebody may have been reading this blog yesterday!

Well Simon's comment tickled The Schaf: "Damp and miserable-- here with the weather is Tomasz Schafernaker". Tomasz certainly isn't miserable, far from it! Although Tomasz does make me damp... err yes... time for the clip in question I think...

I'm smug enough to say I had a beautifully sunny day today, dizzy heights of 5C. Then again it seldom snows round my way... usually get dull sleet-- hohum. I want to be treated to Tomasz's hotchpotch instead-- least Tomasz looks pretty if the weather.

Tomasz has given his website a rejig, lovely new profile pic. And he has started posting some photos sent in by us mere mortals.


  1. Hi Roger,

    I reckon Tomasz or someone at the BBC read your blog so Simon did the same kind of thing as yesterday.

    My exciting news today is the lovely man himself replied not to 1, but 2 of my tweets on Twitter! I couldn't believe it. What a STAR! He also showed his cheeky personality on Twitter today, saying Noah's Ark was going by his window cos of the London rain. He's so polite too...when I emailed him about his great website he replied the same day and said 'thank you for complimenting my wishes'. He replies to his true admirers!! ;-)

    Do I think Tomasz has an eyebrow piercing? Erm...I don't know...I'm really on the fence about that one!! Now I think about it, edging slightly more towards the 'shaved it off for fun of it' decision!! LOL

    'Laura is alright, but she doesn't have the same [ahem] effect on me' - SNAP!! LOL

    Poor Tomasz is up again at 4am so he's presenting tomorrow too hopefully [Yay!!]. Let's hope the rain has stopped by then or he'll need a jet ski.

    Best Wishes Roger

  2. Hi again Matt,

    Judging by Tomasz's laugh/smile, I think he realised Simon's quip was deliberate this time!

    I'm so pleased he's tweeted you twice... you're in there, good for you [haha]-- and an email too. I liked his blog about the rain, cheekily saying: "What a pisser"! Funnily enough I didn't get any rain yesterday, but I live in a shadow area.

    It looks as though the eyebrow has grown back, so I'm sure he shaved it-- I think there was arcane reason behind it.

    Even Alex Deakin can't compare to Tomasz in [ahem] that department! Although it would be inappropriate to think of Deaks in that way, since he's a happily married man [LOL]

    Yup he's been on the News Channel today. I'll be turning him on at 12:55pm today... on Radio 4 like!