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13 Mar 2010

Camptown races

On Friday evening Tomasz was there on the News Channel, to inform us about weather at sundry sporting events-- for instance proclaiming in was hot on the track for the Bahrain F1 grand-prix-- although The Schaf was already hot on my screen.

There was an adorable moment at just after two minutes in, where Tomasz had a muttering about Monmouthshire-- and started 'talking broken biscuits' about race-courses. Since Tomasz is a star, he could laugh off his memory lapse {i}.

Not to worry our Tomasz: If you take away the gambling, where's the fun in watching horses being whipped by the vertically-challenged? There is one good way of leaving a bookmaker with a small fortune-- go in with a large one.

Ta muchly to Terratec, for the clip^

{i} Oh that laugh... even better than Rustie Lee's-- that's saying something.


  1. I saw that live! When he realised he had forgotten one of the courses I thought 'what's he gonna say now?' And 'will this be another Schaffermagic moment?' And it was.

    A sparkle in his eye, a heart-warming chuckle...that's our Tomasz! LOL

  2. I thought he was going to get the giggles, but he recovered!

    What a sparkle it is too, celestial.