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16 Mar 2010

Janice Long's threesome

An amusing moment on the News Channel last night, where Tomasz had a bad case of lapsus linguae, his tongue went everywhere {i}-- and he started 'talking broken biscuits' again. He was obviously so hyped up by the strength of the sun...

Or perhaps it was because he had spilt motor oil on his tie. He was more lucid later on though...

Perhaps he had something stimulating to swallow... such as Red Bull {ii} Although Tomasz informs us on Twitter: "Oh I flippin fluffed it on air just now ...*grunt* *sigh* LOL". I think he was talking about his script.

Finally Janice Long had a threesome last night. Both The Schaf and Laura Tobin! Fast-foward to 00:43:01 .

Tomasz was sitting on Laura's lap, The award-winning Schaf explained his tie was purple and floral for spring. Tomasz cheekily claimed that Laura shows off too much flesh, before heckling Laura's forecast to Janice. Although Laura countered that Tomasz is a bit of a drunkard, wryly denied by The Schaf. We believe you Tomasz, and the rest...

Speaking of Tomasz's award, Janice reckons Tomasz "polishes it every morning". Ooh! Ooh! Suit him. The Schaf graciously thought that Peter Cockcroft deserved to win the award, and it will be somebody else's time next year.

Amusingly Janice asked whether people comment on Tomasz's ties. What sort of saddo would do a thing like that? Not I, that's for sure

Ta muchly to Terratec and Top Telly Fan for video clips above
. Audio clip expires next Tuesday (23rd March)

{i} There's a thought
{ii} Other stimulant drinks available

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